EVA - Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers Resins

Ink grade EVA
EVATHENE® UE40K is an ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA) copolymer resin with high VA content and melt index. It can be used in ink and hot melt adhesive applications.

EVATHENE® EVA resins are ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers made by high pressure autoclave process. They are mainly used for foaming, coating, extrusion, and injection molding applications for many important industrial market segments such as shoe soles, sheets, wire and cable, hot melt adhesive, and solar cell encapsulation. EVATHENE® EVA resins can also be blended with other resins for various applications.

Main applications:

Wire & Cable、Hot melt、Shoe sole foaming、Powder Hot Melt (for hot melt adhesion of non-woven -fabric)、Injection foam、Sheet extrusion、Blow molding、Compression molding(Foam)、Film extrusion (with additive)、Injection molding、General Compounding、Wire & Cable Compounds、Compressing molding(Foam).


PE Bag Weight Length x Width x Height
25 kgs
65(±2) x 42(±1) x 13(±3) cm
(Remark: Dimensions of packing are subjected to different types.)

SDS - Safety Data Sheet

Basket - Blown film extrusion
Basket - Blown film extrusion

Encapsulant film - Extrusion molding
Encapsulant film - Extrusion molding

EVA Products:

# Products Main Applications VA
1 UE2828
Solar Cell Encapsulant
28 25.00
2 UE3312
Wire & Cable
Shoe sole foaming
33 12.00
3 UE4055
Hot melt
Shoe sole foaming
40 55.00
4 UE40K
Hot melt
41 65.00
5 UE508
Powder Hot Melt (for hot melt adhesion of non-woven -fabric)
8 85.00
6 UE612-04
Hot melt
19 150.00
7 UE629
Injection foam
Shoe sole foaming
18 2.50
8 UE630
Shoe sole foaming
16 1.50
9 UE632
Injection foam
Shoe sole foaming
22 2.20
10 UE633
Injection molding
Hot melt
19 20.00
11 UE634-04
Wire & Cable
Hot melt
Shoe sole foaming
28 6.00
12 UE638-04
Injection molding
Hot melt
28 18.00
13 UE639-04
Hot melt
28 150.00
14 UE640-04
Hot melt adhesives
Bitumen modification
18 500.00
15 UE647-04
Hot melt
28 800.00
16 UE649-04
Hot melt
19 400.00
17 UE653-04
Hot melt
28 400.00
18 UE654-04
General Compounding
Wire & Cable Compounds
Hot melt
33 30.00
19 UE659
Hot melt
Compressing molding(Foam)
25 2.00

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