FREVA™ - Green Fireproof Material & Fire Retardants

FREVA™ is an innovative eco-friendly fireproof material made of ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA) copolymer and halogen-free fire retardants. Combining USI’s two new core technologies - powder surface modification technology and chemical formulating technology - FREVA™ exhibits excellent fire retardancy and smoke suppression performance.
FREVA™ could be extruded by itself or laminated on different substrates, such as fabrics, mashes, to produce sheet products. As a fire retardant sheet, strong chemical-bond network of FREVA™ makes it very sturdy. When exposed to fire, special inorganic fire retardant in FREVA™ will release water vapor to cool down the surface temperature of material. Moreover, at high temperatures, FREVA™ will form an incombustible char layer under a very short time to prevent further burning to achieve extreme fire retardancy.

Key Features

  • 60-minute fire resistance
  • UL 94 compliance
  • British standard compliance
  • Low smoke
  • Halogen-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Toluene-free
  • Heavy metal-free
AMX - FREVA - 阻燃粒子優勢

AMX - FREVA - 阻火三步驟


AMX - FREVA - Fire Curtain
Fire Curtain
AMX - FREVA - Flame Resistant Wall Covering
Flame Resistant Wall Covering

AMX - FREVA - Flame Resistant PU Leather
Flame Resistant PU Leather

Product Introduction Video

Burning Test Video

Fire Retardant
USI offers non-halogen complex fire retardant additives for different applications. USI’s complex fire retardants show good compatibility with common polymers, such as olefin, PA, PU, ABS or HIPS, to achieve superb process-ability and excellent fire retardancy. As eco-friendly fire retardants, our products contain no halogen, heavy metal and other harmful ingredients. We also provide customized fire retardant formulation and compounding service.

Standard Compliance

  • UL-94V-0、V-1、V-2
  • UL-94HBF
  • BS-5852
  • GB/T 8323
  • FMVSS-302
  • California 117
  • RoHS
AMX - FREVA - UL-94V0 Hot Melt Adhesive
Hot Melt Adhesive
AMX - FREVA - Fire Resistant PU Foam
Fire Resistant
PU Foam


Hot melt adhesive, injection molding materials, vehicle and furniture leather, seat foam cushion, thermal insulation sheet.

Product List

Product Basic Composition Appearance Particle Size (D50) Application
FA-201 Organic phosphorus complex White fine powder 15 EVA、PVC、PE、PA、TPU、PU、ABS、HIPS
FA-101 Inorganic complex White fine powder 11 EVA、PVC、PE、PU


# Product number TDS SDS
1 FA-201 FA201 TDS FA201 SDS
2 FA-101 FA101 TDS FA101 SDS