Support for local procurement

Taiwan is our operational and production base. When the procurement conditions are similar, we prioritize procurement from local suppliers in order to achieve the following goals:

 Establish long-term, sustainable cooperation
 Promote local economic development
 Increase job opportunities
 Reduce transportation processes

Local procurement of secondary materials

In 2020, we increased the local procurement of secondary materials by about 3% YoY compared to 2019.

Locations 2019 2020
Taiwan 74.4% 77.7%
Foreign 25.6% 22.3%

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment

In addition to continuously promoting environmental protection and energy conservation policies, we have been encouraging all units to use energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials in recent years. These materials include energy-efficient devices (e.g., high-performance IE3 motors) and ecolabel products (e.g. LED tubes and energy-efficient IT equipment).

With reference to Article 96 of the Government Procurement Act, we specify the preference to use ecolabel-accredited products; products or materials that are recoverable, recyclable, reusable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient; and other products that either increase social benefits or reduce social costs, in order to establish the USI green procurement mechanism and increase the proportion of green procurement.

Amount of procurement of energy-efficient products in 2020

Units: NTD $

Equipment purpose Total amount
Inverter drive 1,192,000
IE3 high-performance anti-explosion motor 500,000
IE3 high-performance motor 3,784,750
Grand Total $5,476,750