Human Rights Policy

To fulfill CSR and protect human rights, we establish the human rights policy applicable to USI and USIG affiliates with respect to internationally accepted human rights standards, such as the International Bill of Rights and the [Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work], in order to eliminate behavior prejudicing and violating human rights. Apart from providing employees with a reasonable and safe workplace environment, we ensure employees to enjoy reasonable and dignified treatments at USI.

USI-CSR-Human Rights Policy and Management Programs

Human Rights Assessment

We undertake to provide a reasonable, safe workplace environment for employees, respecting and protecting their dignity, promoting environmental protection in business activities, and uphold business ethics and integrity. To achieve these commitments, besides assigning occupational safety and health management personnel by law, we uphold integrity and respect employees by law, and actively promote environmental protection and energy conservation. Every year we hire professional organizations to conduct in-house tests to identify risks in the operating environment.

Concerns of Human Rights and Practice

Providing a safe and healthy workplace environment We have passed the evaluation and certification of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 to provide employees with a reasonable and safe workplace environment. We have also established an OH&S unit and H&S committee, hired medical specialists and nurses, and arranged periodic education and training relating to OH&S and fire prevention to take necessary preventive measures to prevent occupational accidents from occurrence and thereby reduce risk factors in the workplace environment.
Eliminating discrimination for equal opportunities We maintain equality in labor rights and interests, such as employment, wage and benefits, training opportunities, dismissal, and retirement. Therefore, we do not engage in unfair treatment due to discrimination based on age, gender, disability, ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, or other status.
No child labor To comply with CSR and maintain integrity and ethics, we state “no child labor” right from the beginning of recruitment.
No forced labor We comply with the laws and regulations when dealing with the working hours and leave entitlement of employees.
Balancing mental and physical well-being
  • We provide venues or financial support to encourage employees to engage in healthful recreations.
  • We organize friendship-promoting activities and purchase sports and fitness equipment in-house for employees to exercise after work.
  • We encourage employees to exercise and manage health.

Training and Practice of Human Rights Protection

New employee training On their arrival, new employees are requested to receive related compliance training, with topics including sexual harassment prevention, no discrimination, no harassment, working hours management, protection of humane treatment, and healthy and safe workplace environment.
Preventing workplace violence Through publicity and notices, we let employees understand their responsibility for assuring no workplace assaults. We also disclose grievance channels to build a friendly workplace environment.
Training for occupational safety Training contents include OH&S education and training, fire safety training, emergency response, and first aid training.
Publicizing integrity and ethics We arrange education and publicity on integrity and ethics in routine work and behavior, in order to build a healthy and positive workplace culture.

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