Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are our prime concern, and every USI employee is entitled to the following benefits:

Item Contents
Bonus Year-end bonus and performance bonus
Leave Parental, menstrual, family care and paternal leaves.
Insurance Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance, travel insurance for business trips, employee/dependent group insurance, pension contributions
Food Employee canteens and meal allowances.
Transport Employee parking spaces and travel allowances
Entertainment Employee gym, employee tours, and regular employee gatherings.
Allowance Subsidies for on-the-job training, domestic/overseas further education
Other benefits Wedding/childbirth/funeral subsidies, employee tour subsidy, citation for senior employees, bonuses for three major folk festivals, children education allowance, employee savings plan, periodic health checkups and healthcare plan.


Upholding the belief to share profits with employees, we attract, retain, cultivate and encourage all kinds of outstanding talents and have established a comprehensive and competitive employee compensation plan. All new employees are paid better than the statutory minimum wage. Allowances vary according to the position and educational attainment of employees. The year-end bonus is distributed according to the employees’ performance. Most importantly, the base salary is equal regardless of gender. Due to the characteristics of the petrochemical industry, the proportion of wage for female and male employees is slightly different. To stabilize the workforce and retain outstanding talents, apart from adjusting the pay for employees according to the consumer price index and personal performance of the employees every year, we participate in a compensation survey of the petrochemical industry to estimate pay standards in the market to make appropriate adjustments and planning. We also give a special raise to employees with outstanding performance to ensure that our pay is competitive with the market.

Item Contents 2020 Difference from the previous year Description of Difference
1 Number of non-management full-time employees 453 6

Major factors for average wage increase:

  1. Annual raise.
  2. The 2020 year-end bonus was more than that of 2019.
2 “Average Wage” of non-management full-time employees (NTD thousand) 1,201 76
3 “Median Wage” of non-management full-time employees (NTD thousand) 1,090 68

Note: Senior officers are employees of grades 13 and higher; tier-one officers are employees of grades 10-12; tier-two officers are employees of grades 8-9; and general employees are employees of grades 7 and below.

Note: Senior officers are employees of grades 13 and higher; tier-one officers are employees of grades 10-12; tier-two officers are employees of grades 8-9; and general employees are employees of grades 7 and below.

Health Care Benefits

Every year we arrange periodic health checkups for employees. Our Taipei Office is equipped with a gym and the Kaohsiung Plant has qualified nurses who offer lifestyle advice and medical assistance to the employees there. We provide menstruation leave and individual breastfeeding space for female employees and have cooperation with kindergartens and educational organizations to provide daycare services for employees. In addition, we periodically organize outdoor activities for employees to maintain a balance between work and life.

To fulfill the need for parental leave, employees with children under three years old can apply for parental leave. In 2020, no employee applied for parental leave. In 2019, one employee returned to work after parental leave until now. We have designed perfect plans for employees to return to work after parental leave. When an employee returns after the unpaid parental leave, we will arrange reinstatement education/training for the employee to protect their right to work and ensure their smooth return to work.

Item Male Female Total
Year Status Number of employees entitled to parental leave 0 0 0
Number of employees took parental leave in the year 0 0 0
Return to work Status A) Total number of employees due to return to work after taking parental leave 0 0 0
B) Total number of employees that did return to work after parental leave 0 0 0
Return to work rate=B/A 0% 0% 0%
Retention Status C) Total number of employees returning from parental leave in the prior reporting period 0 1 1
D) Total number of employees retained 12 months after returning to work following a period of parental leave 0 1 1
Retention rate= D/C 0% 100% 100%

Pension Contribution

We have established a set of retirement regulations for all full-time employees and contribute every month the employee pension reserves to the personal pension account at the Labor Insurance Bureau for each employee in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.

See the information on the retirement benefit plan disclosed in Note 21 of the 2020 individual financial statement for details.

Item Proportion of Contribution Employee Participation in the Retirement Plan
Pension under the Labor Standards Act (old system) Employer contribution: 12% of the employee’s monthly wage. 100%
Pension under the Labor Pension Act Employer contribution: 6% of the employee’s monthly wage. Employee contribution: 0-6% of the employee’s monthly wage. 100%

Employee Engagement Survey

To enhance employee care and fulfill the employee’s demands, we conduct the employee engagement surveys (EES) from time to time to gather their opinions regarding USI’s policies, performance management, employee relationships, and salary and benefits for the reference of future improvement.

USI-CSR-Remuneration and Welfare System