he Kaohsiung Plant has established, implemented, and maintained the HSE Communication, Involvement, and Consultation Management Regulations as channels and procedures for the communication, engagement, and consultation of environment-related topics for internal stakeholders (employees, industry associations, employee welfare committee, labor-management meetings, occupational health and safety committee meetings) as well as external stakeholders (customers, EHS competent authorities, community residents, and environmental groups).

USI-CSR-EHS Grievance Channels

Addressing EHS grievances

Addressing internal EHS grievances
  • “Labor-Management Meetings,” “Union Board Meeting,” “Health and Safety Meeting” and other meetings.
  • When awareness education or responses are required, responsible departments will review the case and send a written response to the IR Office. After approving the response, the EHS responsible person will announce it within the organization.
Handling external EHS grievances
  • After receiving an EHS grievance from outside the organization over the phone, orally or in writing, any unit of the Kaohsiung Plant will refer the case to the responsible unit to verify the contents of the grievance and register it in the “EHS Information Registration List.” After a case has been confirmed, a proper response will be made.
  • Data related to the EHS policy of USI is available at the IR Office of the Kaohsiung Plant for public access or retrieval. Such data is also registered on the “EHS Information Registration List” to achieve communication with stakeholders.

Statistics on External EHS Grievances at Kaohsiung Plant over the Past 5 Years

Item 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Grievance (cases) 3 0 0 0 0
Valid case (cases) 0 0 0 0 0