Feedstock Recovery

Plants are engaging in feedstock recovery, hoping to reduce resource consumption. The recovery methods include the new leak gas recovery system, monomer refine tower (MRT), and the improvement project of the high-pressure recovery system at Plant II. In 2020 the recovery rate increased from 11.2% of 2019 to 12.2%.

Feasibility research of recycling and reuse

As the polymerization of some products will end early and cannot become finished products in the EVA process, we endeavor to commodify general industrial waste—wax to enhance carbon utilization rate. In 2019, we engaged in collaborative research with the team led by Professor Wen-Ji Lee of the Department of Environmental Engineering, National Cheng Kung University to find the solutions that can turn waste into products. The preliminary results can recover 83% of wax and process over 90% of residual VAM to effectively reduce waste output.

USI-CSR-Circular economy

Sustainable Products

Based on the product lifecycle concept, we minimize resource and energy consumption from strict materials control at upstream to the product end-of-life (EOL) disposal at downstream through close cooperation with upstream and downstream suppliers, in order to lower the environmental and social impacts of products.

Lifecycle Raw Material Procurement Logistics Production Product Use EOL Disposal
Environmental and Social Impacts We emphasize labor human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, and ethics and integrity, and actively promote the Supplier Code of Conduct. We transport up to 96% of raw materials for production via underground pipelines to significantly reduce CO2 emissions than tanker transportation. Therefore, we have established the underground pipelines operations and maintenance plan to ensure public safety for citizens. We promote energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, and workplace environment improvement to achieve the five zero’s goal: zero pollution, zero emissions, zero accidents, zero occupational hazards, and zero failures. We lower environmental impact right from product design and develop a range of green, energy-efficient products (e.g. PV module packaging, eco-friendly heat-shielding coating, and green fire-retardant materials. ) Through the third-party verification of RoHS conformity, we ensure products are free of hazardous heavy metals to prevent residual hazardous substances from entering the food chain through soil and thereby reduce environmental impact.
USI-CSR-Circular economy