2020 Environmental Protection Targets and Management Programs

Policy Goals Program Effectiveness
Zero emission Measured leakage rate<0.6% Equipment/Component VOCs Effusion Reduction
  1. 2020 measured VOCs leakage rate 0.057%
  2. Enhance self-management and education/ training of equipment/components; periodically check and review inspection and repair progress; and increase the test frequency of leakage-prone equipment/components.
Zero emission VOCs damage removal rate 99% TO Construction as RTO Standby System
  1. Besides acting as the standby system of the RTO, the TO is used to remove high-intensity VOCs in-house.
  2. The TO system was completed in 2020, commissioning started on 2020.08.21, high-intensity VOCs processing results: VOCs 4ppm, reduction rate >99.9%; low-intensity VOCs processing results: VOCs 6ppm, reduction rate >99.3%.
Zero emission GHG reduction 2,148 tCO2e Plant Electricity Conservation In 2020, a total of 4,220,665kWh (target 2,622,047kWh) were saved, reducing GHG up to 2,148 tCO2e
Zero emission Reduce water discharge by 5,280 tons Continuous monitoring and reclamation of effluents In 2020, a total of 7,945 tons of water was reclaimed from the effluent reclamation system.
Zero Pollution Improve effluent water quality to 60% effluent standard (COD<60 mg/L) Effluent Quality Control Enhancement In 2020, effluent COD was 28.7 mg/L in the first half of the year and 52.8 mg/L in the second half of the year.
Zero Pollution Completed the construction of the block control and wastewater treatment equipment to prevent wastewater anomalies from occurrence.
  1. Strengthen the wastewater treatment plant.
  2. Effective block and control abnormal wastewater leakage.
  1. Completed the new sludge concentration tank; improved the bottom sludge removal system of the sedimentary tank; and constructed the sludge rinsing system for the flotation system to enhance sludge treatment and collection efficiency. In 2020, the COD, SS, and grease in effluents complied with the discharge standards.
  2. Planned the zone and added the major isolating valve and sampling port. So far, 86% of the project at Plant I was completed, and the rest will be continued in 2021.

Environmental Expenditures

USI-CSR-Environmental Management

Note1: The cost for environmental management activities includes fees for air pollution control, water pollution prevention, waste disposal, noise pollution prevention, depreciation of fixed assets for pollution prevention and others (e.g., cleaning and mowing).

Note2: Environmental-protection-related personnel expenses include personnel expenses and environmental protection-related training fees

Note3: Equipment maintenance cost includes the fees of environmental-related equipment and the fees for equipment maintenance.