Sales Distribution

USI products are distributed mainly to a total of 287 customers in Europe and Asia. Products exported by ranking are EVA, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE.

The chart below shows the sales distributions and market distributions of USI products in 2020. All were calculated by sales volume.

USI-CSR-Sales and Customer Service

Product Quality System

Product quality is the foundation for USI’s sustainable development. To provide customers with products and services of excellent quality, USI has established the ISO 9001 QMS. Apart from building stringent management systems in the “production-distribution plan," “materials incoming inspection," “production/manufacture," and “inspection/ judgement," we establish the quality database system and process data database PI system with the information technology. In addition to providing information of real-time monitoring and process parameters to ensure the final quality of products, these systems help produce statistics, analyze, and trace product quality, process parameters, and materials quality.

In addition, the computer change management system ensures stringent evaluation and management of process changes to ensure risk-less changes to stabilize process and product quality.

USI-CSR-Sales and Customer Service

Major Quality Improvement Projects

2020 2021 Contents and Schedules for 2021
Plant II New Catalyst System. Plant II New Catalyst System (continued from 2020). Reduce inorganic residue to enhance product quality. Projected completion in 2021.
Plant II Filter Automatic Replacement System. Plant II Filter Automatic Replacement System (continued from 2020). Enhance filtering performance to enhance product quality. Projected completion in June 2021.
Ink-Grade Additive Improvement/Test Run (completed). Compound Equipment Use New Product Test Run. Extend product application for customers. Complete research/test run.
Foreign Matter Screener Construction (completed). Plant II Blending Improvement. Enhance quality consistency. Projected completion in December 2021.
New Chemical Injection System (completed). New Cake Removal Equipment. Enhance production stability/prevent emergency stop. Projected completion in December 2021.

USI Product Customer Complaint Targets and Achievements