Innovative Operations and Management

Investments in Innovation and R&D

unit: NTD $

Item 2018 2019 2020
Operating revenues 11,763,140,000 10,966,471,000 10,172,220,000
R&D Funds 178,610,890 177,916,049 116,819,025
Proportion of R&D Funds in Revenue 1.5% 1.6% 1.1%
Number of employees 483 474 468
Number of R&D staff 53 54 56
Proportion of R&D staff in all employees 11.0% 11.4% 12.0%

Benefits of Product Innovation

Participation in Internationally Indicative Shows and Exhibitions

Due to the prevalence of COVID-19 in 2020, we strictly followed the government’s epidemic control policy and participated in only a few internationally indicative shows and exhibitions, including the largest North America medical technology show, the Med-Tech World shows, and China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), and the “Plastics Industry Innovation Forum” of the Plastics Industry Development Center at the end of the year, for the industry to understand more about the application of ViviOn ™ (CBC) in medical supply, biomedical examinations, and UVC.

Three Green Fire-Retardant Materials FREVA ™ SES60, SEG60, and SEN60 in 2020

Our green fire-retardant series FREVA™ empowers the common EVA plastic with fire-retardant function. By combining with the eco-friendly, toxin-free, and flexible characteristics, FREVA™ significantly enhances the added value of EVA. Derivative applications include the fire-retardant roller shades, fireretardant wall coverings, fire-retardant synthetic leathers, and so on. In the future, we can develop novel fire-retardant products in collaboration with customers to expand the breadth and depth of product application.

Currently, roller shade made with the FREVA™ fire-retardant materials have been widely used in the domestic and overseas markets. We have also assisted customers in passing certification of the UL and BS standards for the safety of flammability of plastic material to retard fire for up to three hours.


Zero hazardous chemical and halogen is contained in the fire-retardant materials and fire retardants to minimize smoke and eliminate hydrogen halide production from burning to assure zero environmental impact.

USI-CSR-Technology R&D
USI-CSR-Technology R&D

Two Enhanced Fire Retardants FA-201 and FA-101 in 2020

Derivative applications include halogen-free flame-resistant hot melt adhesives, fireretardant foam, electronics resin/plastics, auto and furniture leather seats, aerospace or auto seat cushions, electronic equipment/mechanism shells, and others.


The fire retardants we developed for various organic materials have excellent fire retardant performance. They are eco-friendly and tonic free and contain no halogen and heavy metals. Therefore, they are suitable for use on olefin, PU, ABS, and HIPS resins. With USI fire retardants, customers can pass the certification of various flammability safety standards for plastics.

Waste Oyster Shell Recycling and Reuse

Every year, Taiwan produces about 150,000 MT of waste oyster shells mostly dumped along the coast. Besides spoiling the local image, waste oyster shells will produce odor, attract mosquitoes and flies, and breed bacteria to cause serious sanitation problems. Therefore, they are problems to local residents.

In support of the circular economy and eco-friendly materials, we are actively developing the value-added application of oyster shells. We have contacted many oyster shell recycling contractors along the western coast to experiment the processing of powdered waste oyster shells from these contractors with the technology independently development by ACME Electronics, a USI affiliate, for use in the plastic raw materials. Currently, ACME has successfully compounded the oyster shell powder with plastics to reduce the petrochemical material content in downstream products, as well as provide the antibacterial function. In the future, we will continue related research to resolve the waste oyster shell problems, promote the circular economy, and realize the recycling and value-added use of waste.

USI-CSR-Technology R&D